Winter Recreation – Mt. Baker Recommendation

We are so fortunate to live in The Pacific Northwest! The outdoor recreation is endless and our weather is mild year-round. Mt. Baker is the picturesque backdrop of our scenic town. Here are some Tidbits on Mt. Baker to entice you:
  • Mt. Baker Ski area holds the world record for snowfall in the winter of 1998-1999 with 1,140 inches. It has the most average annual snowfall for any ski area in North America, with 647 inches of average annual snowfall.
  • Baker was one of the first ski areas in North America (or the world for that matter) to “allow” snowboarding unrestricted and is the home of many world class snowboarders.
  • Mt. Baker was founded in 1952.
  • Mt. Baker hosts the longest running snowboarding event in the world. The Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom. February 2012 will be the 28th Banked Slalom.
  • Topping out at a lofty, 10,778 feet, Mt. Baker (aka sleeping straovolcano) is one of the most heavily glaciated peaks in the Cascade Range, covered year-round on its upper flanks with a cloak of ice and hardened snow.
  • There are more than 400 miles of trails around Mt. Baker, ranging from hour-long hikes to longer overnight trips.
  • Skiers hit the slopes of Mt. Baker Ski Resort, where average snowfall is 647 inches.
  • The base of Mount Baker is approximately 35 miles east of Bellingham and Southeast of Vancouver, British Columbia.
Visit, Mt. Baker, year round! Our office has maps and can direct you to this alpine wilderness! Call us 360.354.4242!
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