What is a Watershed?

We recently received a publication, Fishtrap Creek – State of the Watershed Report. It had some interesting facts regarding some local creeks passing through our town of Lynden.
Bertrand Creek and Fishtrap Creek are adjoining trans-boundary streams originating from British Columbia. These are important tributaries to the Nooksack River Basin System. Several salmon species and other rare fish are found in these streams. Fishtrap Creek runs through the Lynden City Park.
A watershed is the area of land from which water drains to a common point. Water enters a watershed through precipitation and flows through the watershed in streams and ditches, or out of sight in storm sewers or as groundwater. A watershed’s boundaries are generally determined by elevation as water naturally flows down-slope.
Fishtrap Creek Watershed Facts:
  • Size of the watershed: 23,665 acres; 39.96 square miles – one of the largest lowland tributaries to the Nooksack River
  • Length of Fishtrap Creek: 17 miles
  • Total length of Fishtrap watercourses: 110 miles
  • Number of threatened fish species in Fishtrap Creek: 4
  • Elevation range: 25 to 600 feet
These facts were supplied by Fishtrap Creek Watershed, NW Washington A Rocha. If you would like to be involved or wanting more information go to: NW Washington A Rocha or EPA/Watersheds or Whatcom Conservation District
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