No McMansions For Millenials

Have you heard of the term Millenials? Millenials in the workforce are employees born between 1980 and the early 2000s. Unlike the GenXers and the Boomers, the Millennials or Generation Y have developed work characteristics and tendencies from doting parents, structured lives and contact with diverse people.

At a National Association of Home Builders conference this past January a study was based on the aging baby boomer population. But their children actually represent an even larger demographic. An estimated 80 million people comprise the category known as “Gen Y” or Millenials. The boomers, meanwhile, boast 76 million.

As a homebuilder you may want to know that the Millenials or Generation Y don’t want: formal living rooms, soaker bathtubs. In other words they don’t want their parents’ homes. The entire Wall Street article can be read here.
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