A little about me

Not all licensed real estate agents actively sell properties. Some very vital personnel work behind the scenes assisting other agents with their transactions and offering advice on staging and otherwise facilitating sales. Kassi Simonsen, a former stay-at-home mom, became licensed in 2010, earning her ASP – Accredited Staging Professional - and went right to work helping dreams come true. 

Kassi loves her job, and it shows in the way she strives to promote relationships inside and outside of the office. She understands the talent surrounding her and enjoys networking with those professionals. A very self-motivated person, she relishes the chance to gain even more knowledge about the local market of Lynden and beyond. Honesty and integrity are cornerstones of her character. 

Her two great kids fill her extra time with their sporting activities and events, and Kassi has belonged to the same church congregation her entire life. This busy mom engages with life to the fullest. Let her be a part of your real estate experience!