Jolie Winkler, Realtor®

The Muljat Group North real estate office recently welcomed
Jolie Winkler, Realtor® to the firm.
We hope you get the opportunity to meet, Jolie, soon!
About Jolie
Jolie Winkler, experienced Realtor with Muljat Group North, wife and mother of two, is passionate about and loves the game of real estate! Jolie is an experienced residential and vacation rental landlord and also owns a local interior design business. With this background she is constantly working with many members of the community and would love to help you find potential in a future home and/ or help stage your own home to get it on the market and sold! Not only does Jolie have an amazing work ethic and a gift to serve, she is part of a team that has been in the real estate business for 85 years. With many resources and her connections to the community she is sure to make all of your real estate transactions as seamless as possible. When Jolie isn’t working with clients or building her business, she is enjoying her time with her family and friends.
Contact Jolie Winkler at:
cell: 360.319.1075
email: [email protected]