Battling The Neighborhood Eyesore

Do you have a neighbor that is hurting your home value? Bad neighbors aren’t just annoying. They can cost you real money when it’s time to sell your home.

If you’re trying to sell your home, a run-down or messy house nearby can cost you some serious money.
So what can you do if you need to sell your home and live next door to an eyesore?
Do you a neighborhood home association? If so, most HOAs will pay to have the grass mowed and take care of maintenance issues.
Investigate Local And State Laws. Check with your city’s building and codes division. The bylaw department can check for building code violations, the fire department can inspect for fire hazards, and the police can help if there’s vandalism.
Make property boundaries clear. On the outside, fences make good neighbors, landscape with hedges.
Help With Cleanup. Do you know your neighbor and their situation? Are they elderly, sick or disabled and just not able to maintain the property. You may be able to organize a neighborhood cleanup. Check into Habitat for Humanity’s A Brush With Kindness program that offers minor repairs, exterior help to low income homeowners who can’t care for their homes.

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