7 Keys To Selling Your House When Sales Are Slow

It’s a whole new world for home sellers.
So, how do you make your house stand out so it will sell when all sales are slow?

Price Your Home Aggressively. When mortgage rates are low and buyers are chasing too few houses for sale, sellers can ask high prices and get them. Even when houses are overpriced for the market, sellers are likely to receive some offers, as buyers are often desperate to find a home that meets their needs.
Instead of pricing your home aggressively high, you should consider pricing your home no higher than the middle of the range for homes comparable to yours.
Quickly Cut The Price If You Don’t Get Action. Everyone wants to sell their home for as much money as possible. Nobody wants to “give” their home away. But homes that languish on the market in a slow market are forced to make one price reduction after another, as buyers and agents may begin to wonder why the house has been on the market for so long.
Find The Right Agent – It’s Critical.
Curb Appeal. After pricing, nothing will bring more potential buyers into your home than a house with outstanding curb appeal. Take a walk down your street with a critical eye. How does your home stack up from the outside?
Consider Home Staging. The quickest way to add value to a home for sale is a fresh coat of paint. After, you may want to consider home staging – either do it yourself or hire an outside firm. A home staging professional will come in and take away some furnishings and rearrange others to make your home show better.
Fix Stuff. If you don’t have the time or skill, find a handyman to go through your home and make repairs. With so many homes on the market, buyers can afford to only bid on those that are in move-in condition.
Offer Flexible Terms. Flexibility is the key now. You’d like to close in two months, but the buyers might be able to close sooner. Find a way to make it happen. You were planning to take the appliances to your new home but the buyer offers to pay the full asking price – but with appliances. Leave the washer & dryer behind (and go to a store that offers a no payment/interest plan for a year). Remove all sentimental items, prior to listing your home. By: HomeInsight | Lankarge/Nahorney for Homesight
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