5 Low-Cost Kitchen Redos

The kitchen is the focal point in many homes and is one of the features buyers compare closely while looking for a home.
Some simple upgrades you may consider before listing your home are:
1. Hardware – Replacing cabinet hardware, such as handles, knobs & hinges is a quick and easy fix.
2. Faucet – Many options in terms of height, spouts, pullout hoses and folding necks
3. Lighting – Adding an LED undercabinet light can have a dramatic effect
4. Organization – Buyers today choose functionality over elaborate decoration. Over-the-door hooks, baskets in the pantry, drawer organizers will add appeal to any kitchen
5. Countertops – Laminate can mimic the contemporary look of granite at a significant discount
These are just a few simple starter points we thought we would share with you from RealtorMag.Realtor.org
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