About Jessica

Jessica Bouwman just passed the real estate broker’s exam in March of 2015, and is excited for this new direction in her life.  She feels that her background as a pre-school teacher gives her invaluable experience and knowledge of families and their housing needs.  As a teacher, she connected with many families from diverse backgrounds and gained a good deal of insight into what did and didn’t work for them in their current homes.

As you might expect from a teacher, Jessica loves working with people and helping them achieve their goals.  She especially looks forward to assisting first-time homebuyers and families find their dream homes or get ready to sell and move on.  Both sides of the transaction are exciting to her, and she welcomes the challenges ahead.

Jessica enjoys relaxing as she works in her garden and loves spending time watching her kids’ sporting events. Jessica Bouwman’s enthusiasm for her new career and excitement about working with and meeting new people spell success for her clients!